Episode 8: Gabriel Foster


Gabriel Foster is a black, queer, trans, ‘momma’s boy’ living and loving in New York. Prior to making his way to the Eastern Time Zone, he worked in Seattle, WA with the Northwest Network of bisexual, trans, lesbian & gay survivors of abuse helping to create their youth programming.  From age fifteen to twenty-six he went from a program constituent to program staff in the American Friends Service Committee’s GLBTQ Youth Program.  Before arriving in New York, he worked at SPARK Reproductive Justice Now with LGBTQ youth of color and allies in Atlanta, GA; the Leeway Foundation, supporting women and trans people creating art and social change in Philadelphia, PA and provided outreach for the Johnathan Lax Fund at the Bread and Roses foundation in Philadelphia, PA. Gabriel is also a former staff member of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.  Over the next year he hopes to reincorporate art, crafting making, and a whole lot of laughing.


1. How have you created radical hospitality and welcome within your communities and congregations?

2. How are you centering and incorporating folks who have traditionally been cut out within your work in this political moment?

3. What daily practices do or could act as rituals to ground yourself in your work for social justice for the long term?