I’d like to get involved in the Standing on the Side of Love campaign. Where do I start?

  • Join the email network and spread the word about our campaign to your congregation, family and communities!

  • Take a public stand in your community, on your own blog or in local media through letters to the editor or op-eds. 

  • Congregations: Use our resources and download the congregational toolkit.

  • Learn more about what Congregations are already doing, by checking out our facebook page!

How does the Standing on the Side of Love campaign decide which issues to work on?

From the beginning, the Standing on the Side of Love campaign has been open-source, meaning we believe that people should feel called to stand(or roll, vote, dance, you name it) on the side of love in whatever ways they are called to that fit within our mission: to harness the power of love to stop oppression.

Here are SSL HQ, we have mainly focused on a few issue areas where people experience identity-based oppression, including marriage and LGBTQ equity, immigration justice,  racial justice, new Jim Crow, voting rights, anti-Muslim bigotry, disability rights, rapid response after national trauma, and more. 

We also collaborate closely with Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) leaders on the Multicultural Growth and Witness and Public Witness/Communications teams to discern what justice issues we should focus on. In addition to working with the UUA, we also partner with the UU State Advocacy Networks, Interfaith Coalitions, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and many more.

Is Standing on the Side of Love(SSL) limited to only certain religions? Can non-religious people join?

Standing on the Side of Love is a campaign of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and we are most closely associated with people who identify as Unitarian Universalist, SSL activists, and Love People. We are also open to people of all faiths, and people of no faiths. We are open to people who are part of any congregation, or no congregation at all. We are open to people who want to stand on the side of love to make the world a better place for all.