Episode 2: Dove Kent

In the second episode of Fortification, Caitlin chats with Dove Kent. Kent is the Executive Director of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice in New York City. She has been involved with issue-based, identity-based, and neighborhood-based organizing in Boston, St. Louis, and New York around issues such as affordable housing, immigrant rights, police accountability, restorative justice, religious freedom, and community arts for the past decade. She has been published in the Guardian, Ha'aretz, and the Forward, and teaches widely on the intersections of anti-Semitism and racism, historical trauma, and the roles of Jews in the movement for justice. Follow her on Twitter at @dove_kent.

Discussion questions:

  1. What are some moments within your work where your organizing work felt spirit-filled or spirit-centered?  What did that mean to you? (Dove Kent)
  2. How can communities of faith utilize storytelling to better inform our organizing work?
  3. What does it mean to be a 'humble descendant' and how does that ground your organizing?
  4. What is the role of ritual within your organizing work?
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