Episode 4: Mab Segrest

In episode 4 of Fortification, Caitlin is joined by Mab Segrest. Segrest is an feminist activist, writer, and the Fuller-Matthai Professor Emeritus of Gender & Women's Studies at Connecticut College. In her book, Memoir of a Race Traitor, Segrest explores her experience as a white lesbian organizing against a virulent Far Right movement in North Carolina against a backdrop of nine generations of her family's history.

Check out Mab's speech, A Bridge Not A Wedge, referenced in the interview here.

Check out remarks by umi selah referenced by Caitlin in the interview here (begins around 1:05:00 mark).

Discussion questions:

  1. How can we look to our elders and mentors in order to gain perspective on sustaining longevity within social justice work?
  2. How can we expand our understandings of intersectionality and how it impacts our approach to organizing?
  3. How can we further foster intergenerational relationships within our congregations and communities?

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