Honor Courageous Love

The Courageous Love Award is for individuals or organizations that have exhibited courageous love and touched hearts. Presenting a Courageous Love Award is an opportunity to reach beyond your core social justice folks, and to engage your whole congregation or community in social justice work. It is also a chance to uplift others; strengthen and support partnerships you are already developing; and to join together with joy and with purpose those who have shared values.

When thinking about whom you might honor, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How might you start new partnerships or strengthen existing ones?
  • Is there someone you wouldn’t normally honor, who is outside your group, who might be a good recipient?
  • Is there someone who has inspired a local movement for love?
  • Is there an organization or individual who has faced oppression, discrimination, and prejudice with grace and inspired determination?
  • How might you present a Courageous Love Award in a way that will help stand on the side of love with marginalized communities?
  • How might you present a love award in a way that will reach beyond National Standing on the Side of Love Month and strengthen your whole social justice program?
  • How might you make this intergenerational and involve families and your religious education program?

Need some more inspiration? Download our list of ideas for celebrating courageous love!

Click here to download a copy of the Courageous Love Award certificate.