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As you may have seen by now, the SSL campaign has trademarked our brand materials so that we can help protect our brand integrity as the campaign grows larger. We want this effort to protect our public identity to be a collaborative process that maintains our open source nature. Read below for Frequently Asked Questions, and if you are curious about something you don’t see here, email us at! 


WHO:  All supporters of the Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) campaign! 

WHAT: A new process for offering SSL brand materials is going into effect. Previously, supporters of the campaign could email and request logo files to be used in a variety of ways, and there was no fee associated with it. Now, SSL “customers” will be asked to pay a nominal fee of $50 or $100 (see below) and in exchange will receive the full brand package. We ask that you purchase these files and work with a local printer to create the banners, t-shirts and other witness materials for your congregation or group.

Non-Commercial Use:

The fee is $50 for congregational, individual, or not-for-profit use. Examples: A congregation wants to create SSL shirts, but wants to customize them and include the name of their congregation for sale to congregants at cost or a congregation wants to create a unique sign for an upcoming justice rally. (While the UUA Bookstore currently sells SSL shirts, they do not at present have a way to customize shirts.)

Commercial Use:

The fee is $100 for commercial use. Commercial use is defined as a user’s intention to sell a product with the SSL logo (i.e. stoles, jewelry, mugs and any other items bearing the logo for income generating purposes).

What is included in the brand package? 1 SSL Style Guide, 1 Copy of the SSL License Agreement, Heart Logo, Full Logo and SSL/UU Logo in PNG, JPG, EPS and PDF formats

WHEN: The license fee process went live October 15, 2015!

WHERE: The Standing on the Side of Love Store here

WHY: The process of trademarking the SSL brand began several years ago, when we began to see uses of the brand/logo that were not quite in line with the campaign (including items being sold via online stores not affiliated with the campaign). While to date, we have not seen any usage that is expressly antithetical to the goals and ethos of the campaign, we consulted with our UUA leaders to see how trademarking our increasingly popular materials might help protect us in the future if someone wanted to start a Standing on the Side of Love with, for example, the Confederate Flag, or any other usage that doesn’t fit our mission.
In addition, this will help serve as a small income generator for the UUA to help fund our justice work! Please check the UUA Bookstore first to see if the product you want is already available.

If it is not available for sale through the UUA Bookstore, then you have the option to create a product with SSL imagery to suit your needs (banners, shirts, etc.) using our newly updated SSL Brand Package and Style Guide! These great resources have been developed in conjunction with the UUA Outreach Office. Our mission when creating these updated materials has been to ensure that all logos are higher quality, in all formats that will prive useful, and to ensure consistency with the overall UUA outreach and communications strategy. This is important as we further refine the way we show up in the world in our public witness and social justice work.

HOW: Click on our store page and purchase the NEW SSL Brand Package! Before purchasing, you will be asked to fill out a form to describe intended usages. In addition, you will be asked to read through the SSL License Agreement, and digitally sign to affirm you will follow our trademark guidelines. In return, you will receive an email from Squarespace including a link to a zip file with all the SSL Brand Package materials!

How does this affect SSL and Black Lives Imagery?

We do NOT own a trademark on the words “Black Lives Matter”. Logos and imagery containing the Black Lives Matter and SSL combined imagery will not be included in the SSL brand package, as we do not own the rights to charge for this. Requests for graphics we have made with SSL and BLM will continue to be given away for free.

More Answers to Your Questions!

Do I have to pay the fee every time I use the SSL logo, or is it a one-time fee?
The fee is a one-time fee that will last for a period of three years from the date of purchase. This fee includes any and all usages your congregation, committee, etc chooses to use. When you purchase the logo, you will also receive a copy of parameters of usage for their files.

The congregation down the road just paid the license fee. Can I just get the materials from them?
Like so much in life, this license agreement is via the Honor System. We ask that each congregation or entity pay their fair share, and purchase license agreements separately.

What if I already have the SSL logo materials, do I have to pay retroactively?
People who already have previous SSL files do not have to pay the fee for items already in their possession. However, you might want to consider investing in the updated materials and style guide as there are new items not previously available.

Do I have permission to modify the logos in any way, like change the colors?
The Style Guide has clear logo usage instructions! Please follow these, and if you have any questions not covered in the Style Guide, feel fre to email us:

Does this apply to using the logos for paper printed things, online uses, t-shirts, or banners?
Once you agree to the License Agreement and purchase the SSL Brand Package, you are free to use the materials in whatever ways best suit your social justice vision!

Who is owns the licenses? Congregations, individuals, groups? How does ownership transfer? Example: Our congregation buys the SSL Brand Package, and then our social justice committee wants to use it for a poster.

This system is based on the Honor System. Ownership should lie with whoever fills out the form and signs the license, be that a congregation or individual. If the intended shared use is within a congregation, that would be applicable under the License Agreement. If the use is outside the congregation, a new license agreement  and Brand Package purchase would be requested.

Any more questions not covered here? Email us at And don't forget to send us photos of all of your new LOVE gear in action!